On the Ubiquity of Applied Math in the Natural World

By Daniel Ling and Shailesh Date

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Mathematics is everywhere, in every context of the world we live in and at every scale. Applied math techniques have useful applications in many seemingly disparate areas of the natural world. A particular mathematical model can accurately capture multiple real-life settings in both microscopic contexts and macroscopic contexts. The ubiquity of applied math can be seen, for example, in how a probability distribution function can model both the distribution of a virus, as well as the distribution of kinetic energy of particles moving in a container of an ideal gas. …

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By Shailesh Date

The COVID-19 infectious disease, caused by the SARS-Cov2 virus, represents an unprecedented threat to our economy and way of life. Never before has the modern world quite literally stopped in its tracks to avert a global disaster in the making. While the effectiveness of actions to stop COVID-19 spread continue to be discussed and challenged, there is little debate that we will carry the scars of the pandemic for some time to come.

From a business perspective, actions needed to halt the pandemic’s spread have unfortunately resulted in a big “reset,” where almost all sectors have seen decline in revenue and many are considered permanently damaged. Here I break down the impact in distinct, manageable groups to better understand the severity and magnitude of the problem. …


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